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Family History

It began in 1970 when Biff Grimes, a fantastic salesman, decided after having called on so many customers in the Little Rock, Arkansas area to start his own business. He had a long list of friends and customers. He bought one restaurant coffee maker and one box of coffee, thus Biffs Coffee Service began.

Soon the whole family was involved and as the business grew, his children, Steve and Kelly, began helping; repairing machines, delivering coffee, etc. They were involved in all aspects of the business, and so was, Sue, his wife.

They became the largest office coffee service in Arkansas with customer throughout the state. From the beginning, Biff, and his son, Steve, wanted to be in control of their blends of coffee. In 1993 two acquisitions were made, customers and equipment from Coca Cola Fountain Division and a coffee roasting company in Kansas City, Missouri.

Biff and Sue moved to Kansas City, where Biff learned about the coffee roasting business. Biff traveled to different countries to learn about the green beans, he was looking for the right beans for blending his signature coffee, "Biffs Classic House Blend."

Sue was mostly involved in taking care of the office, and Steve was in Little Rock, running the expanded business there. Biff would roast, pack, and ship to Little Rock. This went on for four years, the office coffee service was sold and the family moved the roasting equipment back home; it took about a month to re-build the plant.

Biff and Steve are both Master Roasters, Biff is busy getting new business, Steve oversees the plant and employees. We private label for other coffee services, and have an Internet clientele; we ship all over the world. Our main business is "Gourmet Coffee" for grocery stores; we roast and pack fresh daily.

We would like the opportunity to get you "hooked" on our coffee. You'll be glad you did!